Sep 12, 2014

Organic Shellseeker

Summer holidays finished, I finally had the time to take some photos of my Shellseeker done at the start of August.

I worked this pullover with an organic cotton-merino blend yarn, it's perfect for half-season as the French say, for Spring and Autumn. I already wore it in some chilly mornings we had in France in August.

The pattern is, as usual for Heidi's patterns, very well written. I like her mathematical way with stitch count given for each section, we're never lost in her patterns. I nevertheless didn't understand the Pocket instructions the first time I read them, and obviously I was not the only one considering the discussion in Heidi's group on Ravelry. I followed the advice given on the forum, that is "follow the instructions", and I've got a nice kangaroo pocket! I think it's a terminological problem, I'd have said Bottom of pocket instead of pocket lining.

Final word on the yarn: Balance from o-wool is organic (more details on this post), as Sweater from Spud and Chloƫ recommended in the pattern, but it's more affordable! My row gauge was just a wee bit off (28 rows instead of 27), I as a result lengthened the raglan by placing last 2 inc every 4 rnds. And that is the only mod I did :)

Pattern: Shellseeker by Heidi Kirrmaier
Yarn: O-wool, Balance: Talc & Opal
Needle: US 5 (3.75 mm)
On Ravelry: Douces rayures

Fine days are back in France, I'm knitting another striped but ligther pullover ;)

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