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I'm n'ami (nami44 on Ravelry), an addicted Japanese knitter living in France.
I came into the world of knitting rather recently, in 2009. As many French knitters, I began with the famous French brand Phildar, to make little things for my daughter. And one day, I discovered Ravelry: It was a total amazement...

Since then, most part of my life has gotton centered around knitting: I'm the translator of Atelier Knits, an online store of translated knitting patterns (into Japanese of course!); I'm a technical editor; I have knitting blogs also in French and in Japanese; and I have (at the moment?) a free knitting pattern.

As a knitter, I love simple and wearable design with clever construction.
I like natural yarns, and it's best if they are ecological, local and social ones. I pay particular attention to the origin of raw material, dying process, place of production, and try to prefer European yearns, but I have to admit that I can't always resist the temptation of (North and South) American hand-dyed yarns ;)

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