Jun 5, 2014

Tension or Spikes?

In parallel with Shellseeker, I'm knitting Hari, designed by Olga Buraya-Kefelian.
I must say it's the most creative pattern I've ever knit!

Here it is.

The pattern is simple, just with increase and decrease, and a simple alternation of their direction creates these spikes. Olga is amazingly clever!

The name of the pattern, Hari, actually means needle or spike in Japanese, as it's explained on Ravelry. But Japanese language has many homonyms, hari also means tension, a word that suits well to the design, doesn't it?

The yarn used for this scarf is Madelinetosh Sock, Smokestack.

The colorway had first seemed a little bit dark, metallicly cold and hard - was my impression influenced by the name? -, I'd for a long time hesitated to use it for a scarf project for fear of having a grey complexion ;).
It looks quite better knitted, I love the changing shades of light grey, Amy is really talented!

I'm in the final stretch, I hope I can post photos of the finished scarf shortly ;)

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